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Family Tree Gal, Carolyn Calton welcomes YOU!


In every home, frame a family tree to help strengthen your posterity.

Welcome !

I am committed to acknowledging connections throughout the generations--past, present, and future--and igniting a sense of extraordinary family purpose in individuals in THIS generation. Let me help you discover your "roots" as well as strengthen the "branches" of your family tree. If you have had painful experiences in your family line, then this is the blog for you! In fact, all of us will see that as we strengthen ourselves, we strenthen our entire FAMILY TREE through the power of our positive influence.

Daily Writing Prompts

About our daily Personal History or
Family History prompts

I hope you will use these prompts for your own written or computer records or in your own posts for blogs, Facebook, Tweets etc. as well as read them here. This is an ideal way to add, a little at a time, to your personal or family history on a weekly basis.

Here are the daily prompts to stimulate ideas to write about:

Memory Lane Monday
Take a walk down memory lane.  How have you gleaned wisdom from the past?  Write about an event or person (ancestor or modern-day) that impacted your life.  Post a picture if you have one.  Copy your post for your family records.  This is a good way to make additions to your personal or family history, one small step at a time.  (This fits the first goal found at -- Glean wisdom from the past )
Twitter hashtag for Memory Lane Monday= #memlm

Talk About It Tuesday

Talk about specific things you are doing this week to meet your family history goals OR tell what you are doing to meet any one of the three goals of Family Tree Quest, to 1) Glean Wisdom from the Past, 2) Live Mindfully in the Present, or 3) Prepare Confidently for the Future.  You may wish to record this in your journal (history-in-the-making) or personal history records.
Twitter hashtag for Talk About It Tuesday= #taitues

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Resource Wednesday
Tell about a resource (software, personal interviews, notebooks, filing systems, webinar, book, website, etc.) you are using to meet your personal growth/ genealogy / or family history goals.  What are the strong points of the resource?  What are your challenges while using it?  In general, would you recommend it to others?
Twitter hashtag for Resource Wednesday= #rwed

Thankful Thursday 
Create a post that expresses gratitude for a person (past or present), resource, family history tool or anything connected to you or your and family history that has had a positive impact on your life.  (This fits the “Live Mindfully in the Present” goal for Generational Change-makers found at
Twitter hashtag for Thankful Thursday= #ththurs

Family Tree Friday
Your family tree spans the generations. Choose one lesson that you’ve learned in life that you’d like to pass forward to other family members or posterity, and write the story (or stories) of how you learned the lesson.  Also, state specifically how you are making efforts to pass it on now (personal time together, positive words, written family stories, journal keeping, etc.).   (This fits the third goal found at, "Preparing Confidently for the Future")
Twitter hashtag for Family Tree Friday= #famtf

Reminder:  Have you framed your family tree to help you remember your dynamic and meaningful place in your family line?

These daily prompts are designed to:

1)  Give continuity to Family History and Personal Growth goals each week.

2)  Unite TODAY's ChangeMakers (
those who are just beginning to make positive generational change) with the genealogy/family history community (who have vast resources of knowledge and experience)--thus strengthening ALL family trees.

3) Emphasize the goals of Family Tree Quest which are:

     a)  Glean Wisdom from the Past
     b)  Live Mindfully in the Present
     c)  Prepare Confidently for the Future

We are striving to strengthen lives in THIS generation, thus strengthening our family trees for years to come.  Please consider Joining the Quest if you haven’t already.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  The above links will connect you to my website. If you are someone who wishes to create positive change in THIS generation to strengthen your family tree, I invite you to JOIN THE QUEST and become one of "TODAY's ChangeMakers" by filling out the form at the bottom of the home page on my website.