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In every home, frame a family tree to help strengthen your posterity.

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I am committed to acknowledging connections throughout the generations--past, present, and future--and igniting a sense of extraordinary family purpose in individuals in THIS generation. Let me help you discover your "roots" as well as strengthen the "branches" of your family tree. If you have had painful experiences in your family line, then this is the blog for you! In fact, all of us will see that as we strengthen ourselves, we strenthen our entire FAMILY TREE through the power of our positive influence.

About Family Tree Gal

Using the Internet persona, Family Tree Gal,
Carolyn Calton has a motto.

"In every home, a family tree helps strengthen your posterity."

Founder of the Family Tree Gal Blog, Carolyn worked as a professional calligrapher for over 20 years. Writing names on family tree charts was a favorite part of her work.
After a series of three car accidents, Carolyn’s ability to write in calligraphy was compromised.  Time was needed to adjust to the lingering physical effects of the accidents.   While raising her five children, a commitment to home and family continued to burn deep in her heart. Realizing that self-improvement was continuously needed to keep up with ongoing challenges, she learned, through experience, that principle-centered living led to happiness--in spite of difficulties.

Still desiring to contribute in a meaningful way to those around her, Carolyn published a website, Family Tree Quest.  Her Family Tree Gal blog focuses on family history and creating positive change in THIS generation for the sake of strengthening one's family tree.

Recognizing that healing comes at all levels-- physical, social emotional and spiritual-- she also founded two more websites (as noted below).

Places to find Family Tree Gal on the Internet:
Stress, sorrow or dysfunction in your family tree?  No problem!
Use your "roots" to strengthen the "branches" of your family tree.
Products and services for personal growth as well as for genealogy.
How to restore well-being and vitality physically and emotionally through the use of certified pure, theraputic grade doTERRA Essential Oils.  Carolyn helps customers get wholesale prices for natural solutions.  She also mentors those who desire to establish their own wellness buisiness.  (Carolyn co-founded this site with her daughter, Lori Wiser.)
Inspirational writings to help create positive generational change.
Reflections about faith in God, devotion to family, and true service--loving self and others.

Strengthen your Family Tree in THIS generation.
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Family oriented quotes, gift ideas and Family Tree Gal updates


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Inspirational writings to help create positive generational change

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